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    Protection of property and personnel has become extremely important in these uncertain times. Advances in video and recording technology have made it possible to provide constant surveillance and security to ensure that all assets can be monitored from a single location. This same technology can be used to record events at incident scenes providing impartial witness and irrefutable testimony regarding the actions of personnel and bystanders. Will-Burt has created video and recording packages specifically designed to meet your requirements and budget. Each solution is tested and proven to deliver the performance needed to achieve your critical objectives. From basic fixed cameras to advanced pan, tilt and 36x optical zoom models with IP 69 waterproof ratings, Will-Burt offers video surveillance towers and products that will fit your needs. Event recording is made possible by two DVR options, both 4 channel capable – processing signals from

    Will-Burt’s specialized engineers can design a customized solution for your unique requirements.


    Will-Burt Inflexion® and Night Scan® Chief, Powerlite and Vertical Light Towers deliver the capability of camera mounting, with or without lights. A camera, elevated to a height from 5 ft. to 30 ft. above the vehicle roof allows ground personnel to survey an emergency scene quickly and efficiently. In addition, the camera & security systems offer real-time monitoring and surveillance for accurate records and documentation.

    Will-Burt’s video packages have been designed for integration into the wide variety of elevation and light tower solutions. Video solutions have been specifically designed for many industries such as Fire and First Responders, Broadcast, Security, Police, Military, Towing, Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction. Will-Burt can also design custom packages to meet your unique requirements.

    From basic fixed cameras to advanced high definition, IP enabled cameras with thermal imaging, Will-Burt offers a model that will fit your needs. Event recording is made possible by a DVR that can be equipped with cellular network transmission capabilities or WiFi.

    All video options can be integrated with a Will-Burt elevation solution or light tower providing the most advanced surveillance and recording possible.

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