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    ITS Rental Programs offer a wide variety of innovative, efficient and flexible options to meet customer’s temporary, long-term, and emergency communications needs. Whether originating from ITS manufacturing headquarters or a Domestic or International Fleet Depot, we offer customers both in-house and field services including training, equipment integration, deployment and decommissioning coordination, customs and transportation logistics, and other necessary services to assist with temporary use requirements.

    As designed, each trailer’s skeletal frame is engineered with a minimum factor of safety of 2:1, with 4:1 in critical load areas. A multi-section ~ 21’0” / 6.4m each, lattice steel telescopic structure is designed to transport horizontally over the trailer’s equipment platform and automatically tilt by means of a heavy-duty, chrome plated hydraulic cylinder. The tower system is raised to its full extension utilizing a direct drive, minimum 1HP, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), wash-down rated electric winch motor and gearbox assembly. Each Portable Tower System model is capable of being deployed, elevated to its full-extended height, and secured by a mechanical tower lock mechanism by one person in under 30 minutes. For added security and stability during poor weather conditions, excessive loading, long-term deployment, or to minimize structure deflection for critical applications, the tower may be further protected by the use of an included guy cable and ground anchor system.

    • ±106’ / 33m and ±125’ / 38m self-supporting and guy capable tower elevations
    • Fully automated, direct drive tower operating system; no belts, no chains, no guy wires required
    • ±550 lb. / 250 kg standard tower load capacity; 120-220vac electrical configuration
    • Greatest self-supporting and guyed wind / payload capacity of any comparable tower system
    • Multi-terrain, custom drawbar trailers with outrigger stabilization; electric brakes and led lighting
    • 15,000 lb. / 6,803 kg – 22,000 lb. / 9,977 kg capacity gvwr; 4,000 lb. / 1,814 kg to 6,000 lb. / 2,721 kg equipment capacity
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