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    The Will-Burt Night Scan Powerlite Vertical HDT is Night Scan® Vertical Light Towers are vertically mounted light towers which may be installed internally or externally to the side or rear of a vehicle. Used to elevate lights and/or cameras throughout widespread scene lighting circumstances, it is typically used on heavy rescue vehicles, full-size mobile command centers, airport ARFF vehicles and large wreckers. Opposable light fixtures provide equal scene lighting forward and backward at the same time – 360˚ of light. Delivering up to 210,000 lumens, Night Scan Vertical Light Towers are ideal for any vehicle where maximum light and complete scene illumination is required.designed to fit between the cab and toolbox of a heavy wrecker; ideal for conditions when widespread scene lighting is paramount. The vertical tower allows installation in areas where a large flat surface is not available and no interior cab space is required. The dual banks of lights can provide 360° of recovery scene lighting by pointing in opposite directions. All tower and light functions are operated by an easy-to- use remote control. This model is available with optional cameras and DVRs to record activity at the recovery scene for billing and insurance purposes.


    • Vertical light towerNight Scan Powerlite Vertical HDT
    • Improves nighttime safety and efficiency
    • Increases Revenue
    • No generator required, works from vehicle power
    • Needs only 12” for installation – *Vertical Only
    • Night Scan XL200 Spot and Flood LED lights generate 120,000 lumens
    • Optional Sirion LED light package with triple coverage optics and 220,000 lumens
    • Full indepedent rotation and tilt of both banks of lights – 360° of light
    • Rapid recovery scene illumination in 15 seconds with the touch of one button
    • Includes everything needed for installation
    • For new installs or retrofit
    • Optional wireless remote
    • Optional video and recording


    Night Scan® Powerlite Vertical HDT
    Height Extended15 ft.
    Total Lumens - XL 200120,000
    Total Lumens - Sirion220,000
    Weight170 lbs.
    Footprint of Stowed System70-3/8" L x 43-1/8" W x 12" D
    Tower Warranty2 Years
    Light WarrantyLimited Lifetime
    Color OptionStandard color white. Black option for additional charge


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