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    The Will-Burt Company offers a fully integrated line of The Night Scan® Powerlite Heavy Duty Towing Light Tower is a roof-mounted, fold-down light tower which requires no interior vehicle space. The dual banks of lights can provide 360° of towing recovery scene illumination by pointing in opposite directions. All tower and light functions are operated by an easy-to-use remote control. The Night Scan Powerlite HDT (Heavy Duty Towing) fits perfectly on a standard storage box of a heavy wrecker and is ideal for scene illumination throughout adverse towing conditions. This model is available with optional cameras and DVRs to record activity at the recovery scene for billing and insurance purposes. mobile lighting systems designed for the towing and recovery industry.  Night Scan® light towers are designed and manufactured for the harsh environments and operations experienced by tow and recovery operators. Field proven across the country and around the world, the Night Scan®, with “No Generator Required” design, is ready to become an important tool in the heavy wrecker’s arsenal of equipment. Browse our listing of mobile lighting solutions for your nighttime scene operations or contact a Will-Burt sales representative for more information.

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